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Wink When nothing seems to be happening ...

.....I regulary check Eyetechs site for updates but they seem now to have decided to cease support { amiga world news / amiga one latest ? } the problem is .....without regular updates on their own site how can we know if its rumour or truth ?.......I accept the Amiga one through emu can run retro progs but for the cost of that board { without ram , soundcard etc } you could have bought a new duron based system fully loaded and been running emu on that this just another Amiga Holy Grail ? where we seem to be waiting for developer machines to start a mini rebirth of choice ? I want to believe ...honest I do ........but like many before me I need to upgrade but......I,ve invested in Amiga expansion,s and new OS,s before only to find { like A600 } it was "cute " but too late and a step backwards in terms conectivity .
You know I,m no super tech just an end user and the fact my wifes £300 PC comunicates better than the hunderds I,ve spent on " miggies " over the years is what raises the question......At what point do you stop buying adapted hardware to run old software ....espeacialy when emu is cheaper ?
It seems like restoration of classic miggies is my only salvation
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