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Originally posted by Akira
Sev seems to be the only one with this thing. It's sad that cool guys like him have bought and supported the hardware and these Amiga Inc. fuckheads have not released an OS for him and the other supporters.
Woohoo I'm COOL

OS4 is nearly done, about the only thing delaying it now is the 'snap' graphics dirvers, they're still waiting for the company to port them...

And my mum would really moan at me for months if I 'borrowed' the Voodoo 3000 she's got in her PC

But it not too much of a problem, I've waited 10 years for new hardware, I can wait another few of months for the OS...

Try and ignore all the trolling, FUD, and flames belting around the net ATM, a certain other company and/or it's followers are getting a bit nervous, and think they're being backed into a corner, and that's when avthing gets vicious... especially after their comments like 'the A1 will never exists' & 'OS4 will never run on an A1', I think recent shows have got them running scared

I'll post a funny comment on the situation from one of the forums... Just got to find it...
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