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Originally posted by Amigaboy
SNK weren't very big fans of computers, as far as I can tell. Their main focus were arcades and the Neo-Geo console.

If there were to be Amiga conversions of SNK games, they would have most likely gone for the Fatal Fury series and/or Art Of Fighting series. They were major cash cows for them.
Well, there were some SNK games for Amiga, like Ikari Warriors, Victory Road, Time Soldiers iirc. But they didn't code them. As usual, other small coder groups were at work. And Victory Road was a good conversion imo.
I always thought that their P.O.W. (Prisoners Of War) was done for Amiga also. But i was really dissappointed after i played the Amiga P.O.W... As it's a really different game
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