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Roll eyes (sarcastic) How soon we forget......

....Every time a " new game " hit the streets the discussion and letters to Amiga magazines begging for a miggy port of the hot title which sometimes was nearly a year after original ...scaning promised screenshots of how it was going to look .....eventually getting a chance to play the coverdisk demo level.....its like the starving man comparison .....when he finally gets a taste of something he,s promised is special.....just a little taste......and he,s been waiting so long , he believes its the best he,s ever tasted.......its all he wants....he saves up ....spends a fortune ...just to find .....its plain old cabbage soup with a fancy retrospect I agree with Galahad most companies were not interested in faithful/max specification amiga ports they were looking at sales numbers and the old argument of it being backwards compatable on all miggies a thing I believe contributed to the platforms demise .....
.....However thank goodness we were never limited just to conversions from other platforms
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