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All the Sega arcade conversions where shite on the Amiga pretty much.

Afterburner, Altered Beast, Outrun, Shinobi, Thunderblade, Strider.

I know they weren't ported by Sega as such but they have been mutilated on the way by some stupid arse conversion.

Sega must have not wanted decent conversions, as the Megadrive versions of all of the above are much better, and are much more faithful to the originals.

Another shitty arcade conversion was Chase HQ, which really sucked arse on the Amiga. Same goes for Final Fight and Double Dragon, they were embarassing.

The Amiga version of Bubble Bobble wasn't up to scratch either. Just look a games such as Rainbow Islands, Toki, New Zealand Story, Rodland, R-Type etc. Those were conversions worthy of joyous praise.
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