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Coin-op conversions that could be better

Ive been playing MAME a little bit these days. Ive been watching some games that are not in Amiga but could be done perfectly,..

For example Karnov. This only was made on Spectrum (c64 and CPC versions were exactly to Spectrum one) but seeing the arcade it would be able to do a pixle perfect conversion. If you take ThePlague game engine you would have practically the same game.

Another coin op Ive been analyzing is AlteredBeast,.. damn.. it seems an Amiga game,.. also a pixel perfect conversion would be possible.. but Amiga version from Activision sucks (seems an atarist game). Characters moves blocky and graphics are smaller than coin op..

These two games has only one scroll field. So it would be possible to use 32 colors for its graphics on Amiga.

do you think in another conversion that could be on Amiga??
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