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Originally posted by killergorilla
SVHS is S-Video

But those slots on your tv aren't RGB slots, they're scart slots. All scart slots accept composite video signals, and almost all new tv's have one scart that takes RGB, one that allows S-Video signals, and most now accept PAL and NTSC.

Although if you do use RGB you don't need to worry about PAL/NTSC because RGB is platform independant. The TV normally converts PAL > RGB or NTSC > RGB but if the signal is already RGB there is no need for conversion.
Well, I know they are Scart slots, but out of the 5 scart slots on my TV, only two accept RGB input as well (hence DVD and PS2 taking those "slots").

I've also noticed there's a S-Video-In port on my TV too (a round, female slot). I'll have a look around for some (long) cables. And a USB arcade joystick!
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