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Beta 2:

- NE2000 PCMCIA and NE2000 bridgeboard didn't support custom MAC and network mode selection (slirp with open ports or pcap mode).
- XT IDE fixed (b1). Also XT IDE previously generated useless Amiga-side interrupts.
- If config had KS ROM path/file that didn't exist, path was replaced with useless <original path>../system/rom/kick.rom path.
- Bridgeboard CPU speed adjustment setting (CPU panel) is now activated when BIOS does first video register write. Early BIOS diagnostics tests can fail if CPU is too fast.
- Bridgeboard CGA graphics mode without VGA board had corrupted graphics, special graphics mode memory access was not implemented.
- Added AccessX/Acetec 500 IDE emulation.

AccessX 500:

- Usual simple PIO IDE controller.
- ROM has address and data lines swapped (probably to make PCB design simpler, I don't think it was meant for protection because ROM is visible in Amiga address space)
- Uses interrupt level 6. This is first emulated IDE controller that didn't use level 2!
- "harddisk1.device (AccessX Device Driver 41.30)"
- v2.1 ROM added, in scrambled and descrambled format. Both are supported.
- Supports custom filesystems.
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