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Now got GSX750F :))
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LindowsOS is a distro of Linux that uses Wine to run Windows s/w, the clever bit being that it can detect windows CD's, and autorun the installer through wine, giving virtualy transparent support. See here for details: Walmart stock them in the US for $200... that's for an 800MHz Duron w/256MB RAM and onboard GFX, not the best spec ever, but it does everything most people need a computer for...

What I was thinking of, was having a minimum Linux install, running LinUAE. Yes I know they don't have Toni, so it's not as good as WinUAE but hey, you can't have everything, and this way you've effectively got AmigaOS running on fast as fuck h/w, big 3D cards, pro-quality sound cards, 100Mbs networks, the lot.

Because there's nothing but LinUAE running, there wouldn't be that much overhead, so you should get all the performance the emu can give... the other alternative would be to use the mini-version of Win98 with WinUAE, but that wouldn't be free and BG ain't likely to give permission...
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