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Backbone has many limitations as:
- no AGA support and games used 32 colors work to slow
- maximum 10 animated tiles on the screen
- maximum 60 objects (items, enemies) per level
If we use all 60 objects per level, our enemies will not be able to shoot (lack of free objects).
We have to collect an object (live, energy, item) and release one space.

In the original Insidia game there are more than 240 animated fans.
If we wanted to use them as objects in the game, we can use only 60. What about the rest of them?
If we save fans as an "animated tiles" we can use innumerable amount of them on the screen but only 10 can be animated.
And the next problem of "animated tiles" can have up to 4 frames but fan has originally 9...

Many added options in Backbone do not work properly like "auto scroll".
If we set for example Right (Speed 2 Pixels per Frame) and during the game the player moves faster than "auto scroll" the scrolling of the screen is not smooth.
If we add the option "Push Player Also?" it stops the horizontal collision with blocks.
And how to create a new game without even ramps, which I need for my other conversion (Nutmeg).
But after all I am happy what I achieve due to many limitations.

We need a new engine to make games like GDevelop or use a hollywood for that.

My next conversion shows how colorful the Backbone game can be:


BTW. I would like to add some music to the Nutmeg game before upload it on aminet. So let me know what you think about it.
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