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Roll eyes (sarcastic) Depends how big the slice of pie is !

..............Once any pirate operation gets too uncomfortable for the profit makers it will get targeted.....though not neccercerly by totaly legal means.....once the pirates slice is in lost millions as opposed to thousands it makes sense to apply presure on local goverment agencies with shall we say incentives the operation can,t pay agreed hard foriegn curency loans ...that sort of get written off.
......but guy,s are we still talking about mega bucks or just a few exploited sad web searchers who believe their getting a bargain ?..........cable & satilite shopping channels are testament to the gross stupidity of certain " shopperhollics " who have to have something because its a " Bargain or Rare "........doesnt matter if its useless or crap they just want the acquisition....don,t anyone claim Ebay is any different!

We can marvel at some profiteers arrogance but while there are sheep to be sheared we can,t protect the whole flock....better to be a wolf and get your share
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