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Originally posted by manicx
Did you use the same LAN card and Miami then? I suppose that once the card is detected and Miami is set, you should have at least web access (well that's what it is supposed to happen in theory, but real life is always another story)...
Bwahaha! It's not that easy. Really not that easy.

To get net access via a LAN with your Amiga, you will need either a LAN router or another computer set up as a gateway. Assuming the latter, and assuming you're running Windows (2K and XP Pro can be set up as routers out of the box, whilst other versions require additional routing and proxying software), you're going to have to configure both Miami and Windows.

Routing through Windows is a nightmare to set up properly - the OS claims you have to switch to DHCP instead of static IP addresses, but I vaguely remember getting static IPs to work (with the Amiga, anyway - other Windows PCs wouldn't work when given static IPs).

Once you've got Miami set up, you'll be able to ping your PC. Anything else requires vast amounts of work. It took me about 6 hours to get Samba working, and more tweaking afterwards to get it working reliably. It took days to get routing set up, mostly because Windows is an arse (and I kept forgetting to disable my firewall). Then, of course, the modem stopped working with the Amiga (initially set up as the router), so I had to make the PC the router - another few hours of work...
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