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Ahh, nice!

That looks like the same connector as the one on my graphics card. So where do the two audio cables plug in? Are they supposed to attach to the TV because my TV doesn't have any connectors for those two? If there is no sockets for them on the TV does this mean I won't get any sound, only a visual output?

My TV is quite old (about 15 years old) so doesn't have any of the latest sockets. Although I'm sure it's got a SCART socket because it looks like a SCART socket and has 2 vertical lines of ten holes which seems to be the same number of pins as the SCART lead in the picture. As you can guess I've never tested the SCART socket before.

Unfortunately I didn't recieve a dongle with my GeForece 3 Titanium 200. Mine is the Creative Labs 3D Blaster model.

I might buy one of these cables today if I'm sure it will work ok.
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