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...I know summer isn't over as yet, but had some time this weekend, and it was raining

Also needed to tackle, remove all the "one-off updated files" so it doesn't get too confusing, plus I need the space back on my EAB upload quota.

So, here is Update Pack #8 which contains the following:

20 updates:
... Alco-Copter
... Area 88 [modification] (previously "U.N. Squadron SE [modification]")
... Bomb Jack Beer Edition
... Campaign - Tactical & Strategic War Simulation (SShot only)
... Campaign II - 50 Years of Global Conflict (SShot only)
... Diggers [AGA]
... Easter Eggstravaganza Starring Dizzy
... Giana Sisters SE [AGA]
... Gloom [AGA]
... Gloom Deluxe
... Gloom Special Edition 97
... Gloom 3 - Zombie Edition [AmigaCD] (configuration only)
... Highway Sprint [prototype]
... Ice Crack & Data Disk
... Payback [AmigaCD] (Title only)
... Reflexity - Pinball Challenge
... Renegades (Infernal Byte Systems)
... Road Avenger [AGA]
... Rolling Ronny - The Errand-Boy
... Zombie Massacre [AmigaCD] (configuration only)

18 new game additions:

Asgard Met Vikings
Bazza 'n' Runt
Classic Pucman
Flying Shark SE   [modification]
High Noon   [C64 conversion]
Jinx [AGA]
Life and Death
Mouse Impossible
Pucman Worlds
Sim Life
Sim Life [AGA]
The Pyramid
Tornado [AGA]
Tournament Golf
Up Scope   [Arcade]
This now brings the total number of games in my collection to 2500

Anyway, it's uploading as I typed this and PMs will be sent out tomorrow night

Worthy is not included in this update pack... if you have purchased this game, read this post.

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