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2.4 - IDSA will hunt and bust you!

I doubt that.

This site is hosted in a brazilian server, we live in Brazil and all our distribution is originated from here, IDSA has no jurisdiction in our country and, according to brazilian laws, only the brazilian companies that represent such american and japanese companies could prosecute us.

Actually, emulator CDs, PlayStation and Dreamcast backups and even alternative N64 cartridges are sold in stores here, and the big companies do not seem to bother.

Also, there is also a law that states that, if a product has no similar produced in Brazil, it is not considered piracy, or illegal material in any way. All the games we distribute are not sold in stores anymore, so the brazilian laws protect us against such companies, because they would have to maintain those titles in the brazilian market to force us not to distribute them.

Anyway, the final word is: Such a small site like ours coud not hurt the profits of major companies, in any part of the world.
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