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More Amiga - PC file transfer

I've uploaded a file to the Zone called "". This contains an ADF file which will autoboot, mount an MS-DOS/Win9x-formatted hard disk as an Amiga hard disk, and allow you to copy files to and from it.

It also contains the "Twin" terminal program, which will connect directly to an MS-DOS/Windows PC via a serial connection, and copy files between the two systems (the PC client is available from the Aminet).

This is handy in a few situations. In my case, I've been copying files from a dead laptop back to my PC - I just took the 2.5" hard drive out of the laptop, installed it in my Amiga, loaded Twin at both ends and copied the files across. It will also allow you (if you have the necessary cables) to install your PC's hard drive (full of ADF files, for instance) in your Amiga, and write them directly to floppies (hmm - maybe I should have added a disk imager, too).

It's not difficult to use - once you have it written to a floppy, boot from the disk to see some simple instructions. If you don't understand the instructions, this disk probably isn't for you.

(Technical note - this is nothing more than a generic Win9x hard disk mountlist that uses the FAT95 filesystem.)

Oh, and a warning - the 4GB limit applies, so don't use this disk with PC hard drives larger than that size unless you want to corrupt them.

Maybe it'll come in useful. If anyone can think of any other features they'd like (such as that disk imager), I'll add them in.
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