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Originally posted by Peanutuk
The trouble with the Xbox is that its hugh and doesnt look very sexy. I might as well have my A1200 or C64 rather than emulating it on a bigger machine.

The cube looks interestng and mysterious..... :-) and i can tinker with it
If you only use an A1200 or C64 you are only going to use the apps and games for that platform
Wheres xbox can do so much more
As for looking sexy, I've never found computers or consoles to be sexy so this is not an issue for me

It black and suits the decor in my place, good enough for me
You can get colour mods for the case, or why not paint it yourself?
Or even put it in a new case?
I saw an article somewhere about some guy who put it in a DVD player type case with the xXx logo from the film
And then theres the guy put an xbox in his car with a custom version of linux to play snes roms and mp3's
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