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Re: Amiga <<>> PC file Transfer

Originally posted by NightShade737
The latest version of the Linux Kernel (2.6 Alpha 6) has AmigaFFS support and it is no longer in exprermental state.

Now I had a thought that if you needed to transfer lots from your PC to Amiga or visa versa then all you need to do is put the Amigas HD in your PC (a 2.5" external drive bay is the best idea) mount it, then you can copy whatever you want to, or from the drive).

Just a thought for large files or bigger scale work.

I am just compiling the new Kernel on my Laptop so I will report how it goes when I have it all set up.

Apparently you can also mount ADF files as drives too, which means you can easily copy from disk images to the Amiga drive.
Even if experimental, works fine also with 2.4 ( sometimes it doesn't recognize a partition ( eg. hdb2 ) and you have to reboot, but it isn't a great problem for me ). Also with 2.4 i possible to mount adf disks.
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