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Re: Ideal for building a retro console on the cheap!

...following vital requirements:

Composite/TV-out to hook it up to TV sets.
Front USB ports for PC gamepads.
Small as a gamecube (well almost).
Thats why I bought an xbox as it can play xbox games and DVD's
When modded its region free, can use homebrew software such as emulation, media players, etc
All I need is a bigger harddrive to fit more games, homebrew games and apps, s/vcd, mp3, ogg, etc!
Now that the 137 Gb HDD limit has finally been overcome its all good
Plus you get to mess with the m$ ideal of a locked down PC as the next generation of console/pc's, if you are like me and like that
Just a thought
Sure not all emu's are perfect but a lot of them are coming alon fine
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