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I've posted a prototype 5 build (no ADF yet) to This will probably be the last "prototype", the next future version will be a "demo".

I'm not overly happy with how this one turned out since it was rather rushed, but it should work OK. Asides from a few bug fixes, the main difference with the previous build is there's a new "cops" mode where bots that have lost all their lives become vengeful police cars (and in multiplayer games, the players that have no lives left get to continue on as police cars until every player is out). It's pretty chaotic of course so that mode is entirely optional.

Going forward, I've been thinking about the future of the project. I hope to see it becoming:

* A budget commercial release - I can't see this ever having the depth to warrant a full priced one
* Something fun, replayable and addictive for people playing alone and playing with their friends
* Something nicely polished
* Something with a variety of modes, from a chillout/zen mode where you can't die and just drive at your own pace to relaxing beats, to ones that are exciting and chaotic
* Something running solidly on a 1MB Amiga 500 - Alpine9000 inspired me to never ever release an OCS game that didn't work smoothly on that hardware. To that end, I've got plans to drastically overhaul the engine to squeeze more speed out
* Something downloadable, or available on a single floppy, or available on a disc for CDTV and CD32
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