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Re: Wow, quick answer

Originally posted by freedom4u
my major an most annoying problem is, that whenever I doubleclick on an executable (i.e. Packmaster) it opens its Window behind the DirOpus-Desktop, which I always have to click in the upper right corner to make the DirOpus-desktop disappear before I see the effect of my doubleclick on the executable file

Thanks a lot [/B]
DOpus has in its Menu the option to "Make DOpus the default PubScreen". With this option activated, all windows that usualy open on the Workbench screen will now open on the DOpus screen.

Another way would be to change the DOpus start options to Workbench replacement. With this option DOpus will open on the Workbench screen replacing the original Workbench by the DOpus desktop.

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