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Relax Mojo!

Your problem with the Install command is pitifully easy to solve if you would just listen to what people are saying...

If a program says that it can't find "Install" then we're not in PC territory here where you get a blue screen of death saying the CD is not ready. Just change the icon so the default tooltype is "Installer" if it isn't. Make sure "Installer" is in your path (copy to c: and/or sys:)

I warned of the problems with NetworkPC and Windows 2000 in an old thread. With Windows 98 it should work easily.

To transfer any program to your Amiga 1200 you can use always use Crossdos which comes with the machine so you don't have to type out 10kb of hex!

Another thread shows how to get around some other NetworkPC timeout problems. Good luck! NetworkPC *does* work!
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