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Originally posted by turk182
For peoples information , This months Games TM has a large section devoted to the Amiga 500 and loads of screenshots etc..Although shock horror they take the piss out of robocod 2 , saying how bad it actually was!.
check it out
..and (rant mode)

they couldn't even be arsed to CLEAN the scumm of the 500 pictured,

they say the 500 was commodores "last roll of the dice" on the cover - no way was it the last roll of the dice and they seem to admit that by...

saying that the CD32 was crap! No way again - I thought it was bordering on pulling commodore back from the brink when the banks forclosed? And I've just bought one, think it's feckin amazin and wish I could afford one back then.

grrr. bastards. The atari 2600 in the edition a couple of months ago was the wrong one (should be the classic woodgrain, come on!) and had a pile of skanky minging games with it..... lack of effort

2/10 .... Must try harder

(can feel subscription cancelation coming on)
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