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Okay Installer is on the floppy disk, as are mount3, mount2, and ALL the programs the icons are trying to launch - so the problem is that its not looking in the right place.

Well right now im really fed up, im guessing that if this even works somehow, ill need to get virtualpc working (which i cant because it needs a boot floopy to install off cdrom- my floppy drive(s) (tried 2) are screwed somehow), so no virtual pc, and no floppy drive meansferring anything ve to the amiga (the whole point of this thing)

so what im going to do is this:

Reformat amiga with workbench 3.0 (checking all disks work first), try network PC amiga disk again, if that somehow works, ill have a crack with virtual pc, or try and dosemu it in linux, and vmware windows on linux ...

Man things so complicated!! lol, ive tried so many things, two whole days on crossdos (only ever got to view the files - didnt copy anything), an afternoon trying to mount the hard drive, lots of time on the internet looking for network cards, etc.

By tommorow, I will have system that works right, or ill have a smashed amiga 1200 in a bin, with winuae running on tv-out on my pc

Sorry for wasting your time guys..
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