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Actually with the help of a patch the 68010 is completely compatible with existing software, and I meant the 16 mhz 68000 its true the speed increase is not huge but it does sound neat in my book. A 14 mhz does'nt increase speed at all, however the 16 mhz does.

And I found some stuff on aminet how to convert a pc hardrive into an amiga one. So, as much as I'd like to get an AlfaPower HD and a turbocard, I don't see the point as I just want to beef it up a little (just a harddrive to be honest, and the cpu upgrade was so easy). Just to play some games that can only really be played of HD, Ambermoon, etc.

In good time though, I'll get a A4000T, and probably replace my pc in the process.
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