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Hey Galahad !

I think it needs a bit of explaining, yeah

Anyway, the problem was that from the start I tought each planet would have the original number of tiles, just recoloured. It went from that to a HUGE number of tiles and objects - animations, which is now numbered at over 750 graphics bitmaps - all are double resolution and at 16bit colour.
It is totally my fault that it takes so much memory, since my engine loads everything at the start - the actual room data is only 1.6Mb big, everything else is Bitmaps, WAV files and OGG files. Bitmaps in fact take up 80Mb on their own, the rest is taken up by WAVs and OGG music (it plays from memory - this time not my fault!)
The problem is how the engine is coded. The engine was never meant to be used for a huge game like this, since it was only meant as a little test thing from the start. Then I just kept adding things and I found myself remaking HoH. Never had time to go back and add some sort of memory handling to it, so it would just keep the relevant bitmaps in memory that are used for the current rooms that Head and Heels are in.
I know it is unforgivable, but unfortunetly I never had time to go back and repair the damage.
I *AM* planning an update for this thing, so it will get a memory handler for bitmaps, which will reduce its memory drastically, but I need time for this and work is currently big on time ((
I plan of doing this update for version 1.1 of the game. When this is done then more ports will be possible (including Amiga port). Unfortunetly I am not sure when I will have time to do that. There are shitloads of bitmaps all over the code, so it might take more time then I think now. But it will be done someday ;-)
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