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Right, this has to be said.

Your interpretation and presentation of Head over Heels is excellent. I can't fault you on that. It really is first class. Its a fantastic first effort which neatly updates the game for modern times without losing why it was such a cool game in the first place.

That, was the good news.

....The fact it needs that level of memory is UTTERLY ridiculous!

I see absolutely no reason why it has such ridiculous overheads for the style of game it is.

If you've written it in the conventional style:

1). Map data for each level (which can obviously be separated for each level
2). Separate Graphics blocks to compose each level which are used in conjunction with the map data to compose each level.

Just as a for instance. Speris Legacy on Amiga is HUGE in terms of the area in which you can walk, and it fitted into an A12oo with only 2meg of chipram, without having to access the hard drive every two seconds for loading because it was coded economically and responsibly.

Please can you explain to me how your system works, because I am trying to rack my brain as to why it is so huge. Each level isn't a separate picture or something daft is it?

Sorry if it sounds negative, but the only reason this can't be ported directly onto the Amiga is because of the memory requirements. For a game of this style, the Amiga should walk it.

Just a thought.
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