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Originally posted by Mozzy
roughly 1.45 - 1.65 mb
Theres your problem right there. Unless you can get hold of a fast ram expansion card, BOOT WITHOUT A STARTUP SEQUENCE. ou should have about 1.8 meg free. How big is your hard drive? Maybe the hard drive buffers are chewing up too much memory.

AVAIL ; <- How much memory do you have free?

Also, you may like to try some of the smaller pre-AGA games first plenty of which will work assuming you don't fill your system with rubbish first. (eg: Buggyboy/Bubblebobble/IK+/StuntCarRacer/Lotus1,2,3/etc..) Forget Workbench it just wastes memory which you desperately need, use the CLI.

To boot without a startup-sequence you will need to hold down both mouse buttons while the system starts up and then select that option from the menu which appears.
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