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Re: Wow, quick answer

Hi freedom4u!

> Thanks for your very helpful reply.

Glad I could help.

> But you already noticed that the number of people who were able to
> help with this is very limited, I MUST use the opportunity and ask
> some more questions.

[ Match $000003F3 ]

> I guess this byte combination at the beginning of a file indicates
> that its an executable one ?!

Yes it does.

> my major an most annoying problem is, that whenever I doubleclick
> on an executable (i.e. Packmaster) it opens its Window behind the
> DirOpus-Desktop, which I always have to click in the upper right
> corner to make the DirOpus-desktop disappear before I see the
> effect of my doubleclick on the executable file

Oh, sorry. Seems I misunderstood your last post.

Could you give me a few more details ?

Are you using Magellan in "Workbench Replacement mode" when this
happens ?

Do applications open their window on another *screen* ?
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