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Originally posted by fisken uno
Ok, look I gave DC a try but I'm still convinced that it sucks. Maybe it might be good for some ppl but not for me. Mostly it requires you to share more than the size of my HD , plus it's a plain hell to find a good server with the stuff you're looking for. Edonkey might not be very good, but at least it's simple - just run it, do a search and dl the stuff you want. The speed is always verrry slow but on the other hand you'll mostly get the stuff you wanted. Can you guys give me some hints about how the fuck to use DC and still not want to kill yourself? Cause I can't.
DC is feces.
You need DC++. Install and configure (name, share , where to download etc).
Under the File menu, click the Setting tab, then to the General tab.
Type in either of these hublists into the "Public Hublists URL" box.
I store the other hub list in the HTTP proxty Box.
Click ok, now you are done configuring.
Always interchange either of these hublists in case one won't load.
Now you are ready to run.
Go to Public Hubs as shown. There we go, right click on one that you want to try.
A note. ALL the best hubs are in Sweden , with some requiring 1, 5 & 10 mbit connections. Some don't require special ISP.
You being in Sweden will get incredible speeds.
Emule will be a forgotten hunk of garbage.
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