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I don't understand why moonstone could work on a standard CD32 but not an A1200 as there is more free RAM after an A1200 bootup about 1.8 meg free, although I don't know your exact configuration.

Things you can try:
1. Boot without a startup-sequence and try running whdload manually. You may have all sorts of weird and wonderful tools that are started up at boot time thich can be nice but can hog valuable memory.
2. This command I found works on most whdload games on a CD32:
whdload game.slave PRELOAD NOVBRMOVE
This is my S:WHDLOAD.PREFS file. It doesn't really do anything to modify memory requirements:
3. Try a different/newer version of 'whdload' with the game.
4. Unplug extra drives and reduce hard drive buffers as these also use memory.
5. get a program called 'add44k' (or add21k) which changes the default workbench/cli screen depth from 4 colours to 2 colours saving a little more 'chip' memory.
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