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haha, sorry to annoy you guys, this poll is purely to invoke people who have forgotten about the game ro remember it..

Personally, i think its obvious i love the games (The Ron Gilbert masterpieces (as in MI1+2), of course Elaine would never have married guybrush, but hey they spread out MI3+4 quite well

To be honest i dont know what i love so much about monkey island, i just really really enjoy it, i love the first two games more than the last two - because its all in my head - like when you hear a story and imagine it in your head, i guess its like that for me.

Plus im a fully-sponsored LucasArts™ bitch.

Hey im not just an amigan advetnure-game playing freak, chaos engine - wheey! SOCCER KID!! waaa!!

smash tv


The next annoying thing i could do (I wont is start a thread about the ending of Monkey Island 2


take care guys, i do love you all so much

and hey, dont take the poll too seriously I didnt :P
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