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Originally posted by NightShade737
Then upgrade....... its not the hardest thing in the world
I did, last week to 2.4.21... PPC debian is a bit behind i86... and I need customized kernal as well, not just a straight re-compile job

I've heard rumours that 2.4.23 will be released soon though

For what your doing, my 2.4.19 version supports amiga RDB devices as does 2.4.21

But if I want to copy files from my A4000 to my A1-XE, I just ftp them through a LAN

The easiest way to transfer stuff from PC to 1200 is the bung a PCMCIA network card in the 1200, forget about samba etc. just set up an ftp server on the pc and log onto it from the amiga through miami/genesis/termiteTCP and AmiTradeCenter/AmFTP etc...
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