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Ideal for building a retro console on the cheap!

Warning - Lameulation thread ahead!!!!!

A while back, I was going to build a SFF (small form factor) PC to use as a retrogaming console, but the boxes at £200 were a little too expensive.

I never did get around to building one, until recently. After surfing around e-bay, I came across this:

skt370 SFF box, PSU and motherboard with TV-out!

Since it's the cheapest SFF PC box I've ever seen, I couldn't resist snapping it up as it has the following vital requirements:

Composite/TV-out to hook it up to TV sets.
Front USB ports for PC gamepads.
Small as a gamecube (well almost).

Another reason I grabbed it is I had a spare celeron 433, 64MB SDRAM CDROM and HD lying around from upgrading!

Although it uses the older skt370 PIII/celeron cpu's, these are still powerful enough to run all the best emulators. Plus 400+ celerons can be bought on ebay for £5+ or so.

How do I know? Well, I've git one up and running right here! I've taken it around a few friends’ houses and they want one more than their next gen consoles. Nostalgia is a powerful tool. Plus it doubles as a jukebox in my front room.

You might think I'd be the person selling these things. Well, no. Just thought I'd mention it in case any of you have spare PC parts lying around and fancy a neat retro console.

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