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Re: I sure didn't expect any further comment here ;)

Hi Freedom4u!

> Thanks for your reply, I'm still very interested eventhough I got
> almost fed up with DirOpus Magellan II.

You shouldn't. It's a wonderful program, you just need to get used
to the way it works

> But because the executable files don't have a postfix, wouldn't
> that mean that I would have to add every executable I know to the
> filetypes table in order to have them executed in Workbench mode ?
> Or how would they get recognized ?

Hey, you're talking about AmigaOS Recognising files by looking at
their suffix is the way Windows does it - and it's lame.

The following condition will recognise AmigaOS executables:

Match $000003F3

All you have to do is: Create a new filetype, use the above condition
and set its "double-click action" to

Workbench: {f}

That should do the trick. I don't have Magellan installed atm, but
I hope this explanation is sufficent.

> But I guess I could also just get used to browse dirs in icon-mode.


> (Long sentence, but I'm german, so please forgive me

Me too. I'm used to long sentences
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