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New version released!

Version 0.6.2 comes with some news and a new game tutorial demo:
-If camera target changes more than one screen of distance instead of a travelling the camera moves immediatly to the target.
-Between two frames the scroll is going to move half of a tile at most.
-Scroll speed has been optimized.
-Bug on the top tile row when scrolling up has been fixed.
-Action Set var trigger when used in booleans will change UI of the parameter to suit boolean values
-Condition trigger Var True fixed because curiosly it was failing with booleans.
-Added action triggers Load/Save/Reset checkpoint that will load/save the object position.
-New action trigger Change Tiles will change every the tiles in the area of the game object.
-Fixed a bug in the Level Object screen where some collision boxes where displayed in incorrect locations.
-A new trigger WallJump has been added to the triggers library.
-Changes and fixed in the show text/dialog engine.
-Basic_platformer game example has been updated.

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