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Originally posted by Konrad
Sorry, but who's AndrewBraybrook ?
You *SHOULD* know him.

He's also called Mr. Uridium!
(And that's not the only classic he created on the C64, but Uridium definitely had THE SMOOTHEST SCROLLING EVER SEEN on a C64 in 1986!).

Amiga work:
Rainbow Islands / Fire & Ice / Super Off-Road / Paradroid '90 / Virocop

Galahad mate, I *hope* that not everybody of your colleagues at the Police knows your scene past!
It may be advantageous, trust me.
Out of curiosity...did anyone recognize you yet as THAT Galahad from Fairlight?
It might be quite hard ... for they have to know at first that <your real name> and Galahad are the same person!
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