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Originally Posted by mc68060 View Post
I guess everything NTSC for the CD32 has to be considered rare :-) If you want to upload Nigel Mansell NTSC I could compare it to the European version...
Date stamps for the files on the Nigel Mansell disc are also November 12, 1993, except the executable itself which is November 22. I've uploaded a BIN/CUE and disc scan if you want to take a look. It generates an error message just like Zool's if you try to run it in PAL.

From a quick perusal on HOL, there are a few other Gremlin CD32 games (Disposable Hero, Sorasil) that specify "PAL COMPATIBLE" on the disc, which suggests, like Zool and Nigel Mansell, there were also separate NTSC versions (or at least plans for them - perhaps they were canceled). Later releases (Zool 2, Litil Divil, etc.) don't specify and are known to be PAL only, suggesting they gave up on the NTSC market as 1994 progressed and the news out of West Chester got worse and worse.
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