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Originally posted by Frederic
I thought Binaries were newsgroups???
Anyhow, I think, like BBS and Telenet and IRC, this stuff is dying fast.
It's cumbersome and awkward. FTP, P2P and HTTP are far swifter to grasp and smooth. After all, is'nt computing supposed to be hassle free and efficent? That's the general direction, I hope.
BBS - Agreed

Telnet - Disagee, okay the protocol itself is stepping back for things like rlogin and ssh, but the concept, if anything is getting more widely used due to the ever increasing acceptance of Linux. Also modern routers - okay, some have web interfaces, but *all* have a text based remote login interface for configuration. Of course, any other use but administrative is probably very nearly dead, but I can't see much use other than classic MUDing or watching Starwars .

IRC - I think that unless people provide a web interface, this has been pretty much always in the realm of computer enthusiasts or pirates. I can't really comment on the sexual aspect, though there was this one time at uni when I pretended to be a lesbian on #bigbutchbitches...

NNTP: I think this is only dying with the "mainstream population" because of lack of education. IMHO it is *the perfect* discussion area. It is standard, and familiar way of discussion. It was always going to be abused, which is a shame, but it will always have a use. Most of the active, *discussion* groups are computer related in some way, I think they are here to stay.

FTP - Here to stay

P2P - Wouldn't it be nice if this was defined "back in the day"? Wouldn't it be nice to have a protocol familiar as NNTP, FTP, HTTP where the only thing that changes was whatever user interface you used? Ahhh, wishes...

Anyway, back on topic. I can think of more reasons is less used, and it is not just because of the mirrored interest in the Amiga.

o If EAB was news://comp.sys.amiga.discussion.* you start getting problems with firewalls.

Other things that something like webboard have over NNTP/Email:

o User web acceptance (vicious circle there)
o Post archive + search
o Avitars
o SPAM amount (lack of standards are *good* ) the fact that we remember the last one is a great situation.
o Thread/message admin that *works*
o Group management (adding,etc.)

maybe others...

All of these problems show a fundermental difference in the post-server population vs. centralised webboard type mechanisms. NTTP is massively scaleable, but now becoming less used... Oh the irony of it....
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