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Feedback Redpill 0.6.1

Objects :
zoom on sprites could be interesting on action with objects
Plateform properties on moving objet

Panel Objects :
Add Icon : [DEL] for each objects

Add textfield : Visible:[v] Icon : [textfield number] to improve the workflow

Panel Animations :
Add Icon : [DEL] for each animations to delete animation

Panel Edit Map:
Add Icon : [Erase] to erase map as well as all unnecessary tiles
Add Icon : [Navigate] to show all map and navigate inside all tiles

Bugs :
Panel Levels --> Edit Map : Camera Limit don't change when i load another project that not a same numeric properties of camera Limit. The level is disordered.
Panel Game Setup : Crash Guru when i change Game Font and i play the level.

Icing on the cake

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