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I sure didn't expect any further comment here ;)

Thanks for your reply, I'm still very interested eventhough I got almost fed up with DirOpus Magellan II. Lately I only started it with holding shift, so I would enter the old uncomfy Workbench.

The only solution would be to create your own filetype
But because the executable files don't have a postfix, wouldn't that mean that I would have to add every executable I know to the filetypes table in order to have them executed in Workbench mode ? Or how would they get recognized ?

But I guess I could also just get used to browse dirs in icon-mode.
So my major an most annoying problem is, that whenever I doubleclick on an executable (i.e. Packmaster) it opens its Window behind the DirOpus-Desktop, which I always have to click in the upper right corner to make the DirOpus-desktop disappear before I see the effect of my doubleclick on the executable file.

(Long sentence, but I'm german, so please forgive me

Thanks a lot for your help
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