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Originally posted by whiteb
This is the thing, the anti piracy groups arent going for the hard to get groups, like newsgroups... they are targetting 12 year old children for their pocket money.
Well the sad fact is most people do get their games, apps, music, movies from the NET. Its almost not cool to buy your stuff anymore. The bandwidth of the internet is making it much easier to grab 100x whats you could really use. There has to be a price ballance between outright theft and affordable entertainment. The question people ask is it worth paying $50 for a new game that will probably suck or download maybe 10 games and buy the 1 you like to play? If audio cd's which cost next to nothing to make were $6 instead of $16 more people would buy them. Why is it that DVD's that cost alot of money to make cost about the same price as an audio cd? Its just greed, and people just dont like the price so they download.
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