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Hi there.

For a long time, I've been a member of a newsgroup called . During recent years, it's shrunk to a fraction of it's original size, and I'm trying to find out why. I have my own theories, ofcourse, but I won't discuss them here (yet, at least - I don't want to influence any responses to this question).

Basically, I'm going to give a brief description of the newsgroup, and if it sounds like a group you'd be interested in joining, well, go ahead and do so. If it doesn't sound like a group you'd be interested in joining, please say why. Okay? Bear in mind that I am not trying to persuade anyone to leave EAB to join CSAG, I am simply trying to find out why the newsgroup get so few new posters these days. ANY response is appreciated, no matter what it is (as long as you're being honest, ofcourse ).

Description: is a newsgroup dedictated to the discussion of Amiga games, both old and new. It is not moderated. It is a relatively small newsgroup, and currently receives around 20 new posts a day (not all of which are on-topic). The amount of new posts obviously depends on what there is to discuss, and it tend to be between 15 and 0. Questions regarding game quality, playability and availability are on-topic. The group has a relatively tough stance on software piracy - basically, it is not accepted, which means that adf-requests (regardless of the age of the game in question) are unwelcome. The same is true for UAE-related questions. ADF-requests will mostly result in a post telling you where to buy the game or alternative newsgroups / forums where such questions are on-topic, though sometimes the response can be quite unfriendly. Also be warned that if you protest (or respond to an ADF-request by giving illegal download links), you are going to attract negative attention to yourself, and you risk being flamed (again, this is an unmoderated group - you can post whatever you want, but so can anyone else - though ofcourse there's the option of complaining to someone's ISP if you feel you have the reason to do so).

The FAQ for the newsgroup is located here:

You can have a look at the newsgroup via (search for ""), which you can also use to post messages there (after having registered as a user). A dedicated newsreader (or mailer with news-reading capabillities) is reccommended, though. If you use the latter, you will have the option of downloading messages so you can read and respond to them off-line.

Ok. That sums it up, I think. Here's a disclaimer, though: I am not asking on behalf of the newsgroup, but on behalf of myself. As I said, I have some theories regarding the current situation of csag, and I want to see if I am correct or not. I will post the results of this thread (if it becomes one) in the newsgroup, though (so if you don't want to be quoted, please say so). Thanks
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