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Originally posted by yadster
Funny you should say that I've just download a utility today called BlizzMagic from Aminet. I managed on my A1200 kickstart 3.0 with a Blizzard 030 to use this utilty to load a 3.1 kickstart rom on bootup and have managed to succesfully install OS3.5.
If you have a Blizzard, I recommend BlizKick. It is vastly superior to every other rekicker available.

For other boards, there are a couple of options. Apollo owners can use RemApollo, which can use BlizKick's add-in modules. For owners of other cards, I think that MuLib (MMU library that enables the use of virtual memory, etc) ships with a rekicker.

Relokick is unique in that it doesn't need an MMU (memory management unit, part of the CPU, and not fitted to the standard 68000 or 68020 chips) to function.
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