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What have I done for you!...

1. Amiga magazine since 1996
2. Been Amiga user since 1988
3. Had this campaign for getting Amiga Inc. producing AmigaOS 4 thru Amitopia
4. I am making
5. I love all Amigans wich can respect each other and each other needs indeed.

I like my Amiga 4000. Pretty nice configuration too, but its only desktop and gets really warm.

Amiga 4000 060/PPC, Voodoo 3 3000 (MediatorPCI4000Di), DelfinaDSPz2 soundcard, Ariadne_II Ethernet card, 128mb RAM, 60gb HD - AmigaOS v3.9 BB1, VisualPrefs, MUI v3.8, ++ - Pagestream v4.1, TvPaint v3.6, Deluxe Paint 5, Personal Paint 7, Perfect Paint, AmiTradeCenter, Ibrowse, Aweb, Voyager, AmIRC, NetInfo-II, Frogger, AMP, ++

I love AmigaOS because its so fast and good. Even WindowsXP wich is said to be a revolution, heh.. it crashes and it got so many memmory leaks, that AmigaOS is infact more stable for sure than WinXP in certain areas. Thats pretty nice

Love Amiga, Love world I say, hehe
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