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Start the weekend with the new REDPILL version!

v0.6.1 is now available:

List of changes:
-Added a sound volume setting for each sfx in the audio screen.
-Added flags to gameobjects to allow them to be awaken or processed only when they are on the screen.
-For awaken objects there is a flag to put them to sleep when they are out of the screen.
-Render processing now should be faster for objects not inside the screen.
-Now it is possible to delete any trigger, not just the last one.
-Added Save and Load options for a single trigger.
-Fixed dialogs not properly aligned when HUD was not enabled.
-Fixed a missing pixel line when the sprite was in certain positions in big levels.
-SetPos to Obj trigger was repeteated twice, duplicity has been removed.
-IncPos trigger was missing, it has been added back.
-Load and save triggers filename extension were inconsistent, it has been fixed.
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