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okay, well update: cant get any of pcs at my house to read/write to any kind of disk in any format.
At college the floppies work fine, still no formatting of 720k floppies available.

Macintosh!! ahh!!! 720K DOS format?? yes please!! okay so now i have 720k DOS formatted disk on a real 720k disk, and also on a 1.4mb with the tape trick to a 720k.

LhA'd 2 adfs, plonked the lzh, adf2disk and lha utility to the disk, and on the other disk i put the other adf (as lzh).

Okay worked out how to use crossdos, one disk (the 1.4mb one, didnt showup as readable, the other showed all the files!!! yay!!!

*BUT*, I couldnt copy any of them - got some stupid error.

solution: WinUAE for now, serial cable later.

thanks all,, blessez
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