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Originally posted by Mojo

I can only leave it down to:

a) there is a subterranean mountain mole tunneling underground right now causing huge in-house magnetic fields that only seem to affect disks that i want to put in my pc (amiga disks are fine)
b) the floppy controller on my mobo is screwed. (bought new mobo because of this with last one)
c) im not supposed to be doing this.

I give up. Exactly the same thing on my dads pc.
The Amiga won't read any disks at all? And you've swapped your motherboard and have the same problem? In that case, I suggest a fourth option:

d) The floppy drive is dead.

If you mean your PC won't read any floppy disks, there is another option:

e) You've bought a box of duff disks.

Remember that the PC cannot read Amiga disks without extra hardware (a "Catweasle" disk controller).

Have you tried putting a double-density disk into the Amiga, mounting PC0:, then formatting it as an MS-DOS disk using System/Format? You may have more luck this way that formatting disks with the PC.
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