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Thanks guys!

Time for a progress update, here's where we are currently:

- All game gfx are 100%
- All gameplay features are 100%
- SFX are 100%
- Music is 98% (one last track is up to be finalised - from a total number of 12 tracks).
- Final Boss fight is 100% (and so cool almost a game on it's own in terms of features)!
- Animated Intros & outros are 100%
- Menus and peripheral stuff are 100%
- All levels (40 in total) are 100% complete gameplay & design wise (puzzles, layout, playability e.t.c.). What remains here is a final overhaul/redecoration using our new expanded tileset.
- Extensive testing for the final build and ironing out any occuring issues remains. We'll move on to this phase soon.
- Readme/manual is complete, cover art e.t.c. for the physical release are pending.

So, that's all folks (for now)!
I leave you with a couple of 'teasers', showcasing in-game/level looks in it's final form!

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