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Just because I am full of ideas...

I guess we can do this thing two ways:

1) Make anyone welcome as long as they can populate their links. A "free for all".

2) Only allow sites that really contribute something unique about a game. For example, we might include HOL or EAGAR, but not both. Hard decision there.

I'm not really bothered though.

One thing this all hinges on though, is if I can get ID/game name pairs for the games currently in HOL, and as a start, I will link them to the CAPS ID's.

Perhaps we should ID each game by the HOL ID?

Mache, how about using HOL ID's since ACID is just starting? Or perhaps it doesn't matter if you keep a record of the matching HOL ID...

I knock together something quick after I have them - just as a proof of concept, but it won't be pretty.
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